My name is Vera Kovács. I am a spiritual mentor. 

I learn and teach conscious living. I believe a conscious being can practice real freedom of choice. I think that this awareness combined with love leads to less suffering and more peace and compassion. So my teaching in one word is AWARENESS.

I use my spiritual skills and knowledge in sessions with private clients, sometimes groups. I create videos for Youtube with the messages of a higher consciousness.

For conscious awareness - that is, when you know you know - I received the "alarm clock buzz" in 2004. I call this a wake-up call because from that event on more and more things are coming to my life to increase my consciousness, through which I become more and more aware of myself, the wholeness of my being.

Then, in 2004, I attended a peace conference where I met people who had a very big impact on my life. After the intense week of the conference I turned towards spirituality. I have read many books on this topic, listened to lectures, attended courses, and tried alternative therapies.

Some of my studies and experiences:

- The Silva Mind Controll Method

- self-educated in the Mayan calendar/Tzolkin (by Jose Argüelles)

- Tibetian Reiki/Pranic healing course - level 1 and 2 

- I led a Women's Circle between 2010-2015

- right-hemisphere drawing course 

- Past-life healing with Tibetian Reiki course - level 1 and 2 

- Touch for Health Kinesiology (TFH consultant title) and Stress Release / Wellness kinesiology course 

- Quantum-Consciousness Field Transformation Course - Level 1  

- Integrated Psychoenergetics in Kinesiology course (F. Simeon and J.C. Monge)

- Touch for Health Instructor Training (Wayne Topping) 
>> I taught TFH kinesiology between 2014-2017

- Access Bars course 

- German New Medicine 4-day training 

- Theta Healing Course - Basic and Advanced

- "First Contact" film premiere and seminar in Prague (Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka)

- family constellation group therapy (2017-18) and individual therapy  (2018-19)

- Basic Hypnosis Course 

- Leuner: Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy (book/method)

- III. Integral Europe Conference (Ken Wilber school), and lectures on Personality Development and Psychopathology at Integral Academy Hungary

- 1st year of Integral Family Constellation Therapy Training (2018/19) 

- Connecting to your Akashic Records course (Soul Tribe Academy/Lorena&Lucia Espiga)

- Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy course (Achology)

- Helen Schucman: A Course In Miracles (book)

- NLP Practitioner (Assoc) Cert iGNLP™ / ABNLP