Conscious manifestation


So we begin.
Here is a beautiful blending, merging and dancing of energies.
The energies of what you call Bringers of Light and you, the reader.

We are here to help you raise your consciousness.
We are here to assist you in your awakening process where you can realize your true nature.
Nothing is lost dears. You have not wasted your time. It is never too late.
You can begin this process anytime you want. We are with you and we love you anyway.
There is no agenda here that you MUST reach a level of awareness by a certain time. Otherwise if you don't achieve it you will fail.
There is no such thing as failure in the eyes of God. Every experience is precious and you can shift your perspective to see that and honor that.
No one is demanding of you anything. There is only love for you here. And this love gives you anything you wish for.

Now here comes the tricky part for the human mind.
Because most of the humans are only aware of a little part of their thoughts and ideas. Hence when they hear "You get what you ask for" it seems very easy and simple - which it is, but they do not count into the equation their less conscious or unconscious thoughts.
So the human wants the million dollars and do not understand why it does not come.
Here we will talk about how you create your reality with your focus of attention and how easy it can be if you are willing to follow our guidance on this.

So first let's see how you start this process.
1.) You act.
We mean is that you always do something, right? It is important to acknowledge that you act. All the time.
2.) You experience.
You get an effect or effects in your reality that you experience with your physical senses.
3.) You interpret.
How it makes sense for you, what it means to you what just happened.

So the 3 step process is: action, experience, interpretation.

Which steps holds the potential to cause you suffering?
Yes, that's right.
The third step.
You create a story in your physical mind about the things, people, events, experiences. You create these interpretations based you your beliefs. Beliefs about yourself, others, and the world in general.
The very same thing can occur in two people's lives and they will create two different interpretations of that.
This signifies the importance of making your beliefs conscious, because if they remain unconscious you can only see the results of them, but you will not be able to change them for good.

Discover your beliefs

Now you know the recipe to discover your beliefs you hold. Watch your reality.
Be aware. Listen, see, and pay attention to the repeating patterns.
If a situation, a conflict occurs again and again in your life, follow these 3 steps:

1.) Acknowledge the pattern. e.g. I argue about the same thing with my ex-boyfriends, now with my husband, even with my boss.

2.) Ask yourself: What do I need to believe about myself in order to experience these things again and again? e.g. Get into these arguments with people close to me?
For example you say: I must believe that I deserve this derogatory, disrespectful behavior from others. I only deserve this kind of treatment. So it means that I believe that I am someone not worthy to get the love, respect and support from the closest persons to me.

3.) Let these realizations sink into you, penetrate your psyche and let them magnetize to themselves all the related memories. Cry, lough, be sad, let the related feelings and emotions to come up and release the charges with a cry or laugh or punching some pillows.

Now you are freer than before.
Relax. Enjoy that you are lighter now. 

You are one step closer to see the life that you desire to manifest before your eyes.
You see?

Real-eyes. You need to see with real, clear, sharp eyes to realize your dreams.
Because they are already there, they already exist.
You just need to clear out the limiting, eye- blurring beliefs from your sight.

Much love to you all!

We, the Bringers of Light